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Jul. 11th, 2011

Governor's Island

 Went to the Governor's Island cook out today.
It was a lot of fun but I didn't get to taste the beer.

There were two shaved ice vendors there today
I think shaved ice is gonna be big, like fro yo.
I like shaved ice.

I was able to try bison tongue at the cook out. It was pretty tasty. I liked the texture.

Afterwards we went to a new boba place on Bayard. They had 50 percent off drinks, because it was new. I forget the name but their logo was rock paper scissors. It reminded me of those cards from Kaiji. Except not really.
They had shaved ice as well.

Waiting at the station on the way home, there was a cat was napping on the train tracks. It was a very cute cat, but I was afraid the train would it it. It jumped away before the train hit it.

Today was a fun day.

Jun. 4th, 2011

International Lolita day

I went to Kinokunya today with my boyfriend.

I had on a Bodyline skirt and offbrand everything else.  The ensemble was all black and white but I thought it came out nice.
I wore the bow the the skirt came with as a bowtie. 
Bowties are cool.
I'm pondering whether I should make bowties my signature or not.
It just seems mature to me. 

I won something in the raffle. I was so lucky.
It was crochet headpiece in black and green with pearls. I need to come up with a dark green cord to match. 

Later I had Takoyaki at Otafuku. It was the first time I tried it. I asked for all the toppings. All of them. There was some flaky stuff on it that tasted faintly of pork.

Today was a good day.



May. 17th, 2011

Job hunting

 Its hard in this market.

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